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 Kathandrax Hammers

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Jungle Troll
Jungle Troll

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PostSubject: Kathandrax Hammers   Mon Dec 27, 2010 8:36 pm

So I failed my Legendary Survivor miserably. Died at Dunes of Despair mission, talk about an auspicious name.
Now I'm thinking I'm going to make a new one the easy way. That's why I WTB as many Kath Hammers as possible. 174 are needed for LS afaik so ~150 should be enough.

I'm not sure what the right price is, but I guess I'd buy them starting at 2.5k each.
If you're providing more than 50 I'd pay 3k each.
Over 100 -> 3.5k each.
Over 150 -> 4k each.

Edit: bought them already.
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Kathandrax Hammers
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