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 ToA Asura Ball Game

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PostSubject: ToA Asura Ball Game   Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:48 am

ToA Asura Ball
Welcome to ToA's newest event. Anyone can join in on the Fun!! Over the past several weeks officers and members of ToA have been testing a new activity that we know you will enjoy! Hop on TS, meet some new people and spend some time doing something a little different and highly addictive!!

Asura Ball Rules and Regulations
Asura Ball is a mixture of Football/Soccer & Hockey. It is played on the round field of the graveyard control point in The Legacy of Foefire PvP map (note: the ToA private arena is setup for this. password = penishug). The above video gives you a rough idea of how the game is played, however ToA is adding its own twist and setting our own rules.
Asura ball is played either 4v4 OR 5v5.
Teams compete to knock, punt, kick or push an asura character (acting as the ball) into the opposing team’s goal. The first team to score 5 goals wins the game.
Team setup:
4 Guardians & 1 Warrior to a team (If playing 4v4 then a team will be composed of 3 guardians and 1 Warrior).

ALL Guardians use the following setup: Guardian Asura Ball Template  <---Click Here
-          No armor, no Amulet
-          Any basic PvP hammer and on weapon swap a PvP Shield (no main hand)
-          20 Points in Valor (trait IX ‘Honorable Shield’ to reduce recharge time of shield skills).
-          20 Points in Honor (trait IX ‘Two-Handed Mastery’ to reduce recharge time of hammer skills).
-          10 Points in Virtues (trait VI ‘Master of Consecrations’ to reduce recharge time of concencrations)
-          Trait Skills will be Signet of Resolve, Hold the Line, Signet of Mercy, Sanctuary, NO Elite

The only skills that the guardian can use on the field are Hammer 4 and Shield 5. No other skills are allowed! However ONE guardian from each team will act as the team’s goalie and will be permitted to use the skills Ring of Warding and Sanctuary but ONLY on their half of the field. After each goal the team may elect a new goalie if they would like to or need to due to skills being on recharge.

All Warriors use the following setup: Warrior Asura Ball Template  <---Click Here
-          No Armor, no Amulet
-          Any basic PvP Rifle no weapon swap.
-          20 Points in Strength (trait VIII 'Physical Training' to reduce recharge of physical utilities).
-          20 Points in Arms (trait VII 'Crack Shot' to reduce recharge of Rifle Skills).
-          Trait Skills will be Healing Signet, Fear Me!, Kick, Stomp, Signet of Rage

The warrior may ONLY use the Rifle 5 weapon skill but they may also use any of their utility skills on the field.

All players join the BLUE team. All members of the same team should form a party so that your teammates names are in blue text. The Asura ball joins the RED team.

Gameplay Rules:
At the start of the game and immediately after each goal ALL players will line up on their team's side of the field in any of the OUT OF BOUNDS sections or in their own goal.

After EACH goal teams will switch sides due to the fact that the goals are slightly different.

The person controlling the ball will ask if each team is ready. The designated goalie from each team must indicate that they are ready. This will serve as visual confirmation of who the active goalie from each team is. The ball will jump to indicate play has started and players may run to the ball and begin play. Remember that the active goalie may NOT cross midfield.

If the ball is knocked out of bounds play will stop and one player from each team will stand at the point where the ball went out. The ball will move in between the two players just inside the playing field and jump to indicate that play will resume.
Play can continue as normal if the ball is hit into the small out of bounds sections but if the ball becomes "pinned" for more than 5 seconds play should stop and the above rule followed.

A goal is scored if the ball completely crosses the goal line. Please note the goal line is CURVED and is a continuation of the circle. The person controlling the ball determines if a goal is awarded and his/her word is FINAL!

Fouls and Penalties:

If someone other than the goalie uses goalie skills and it clearly prevents a goal then a goal will be awarded to the opposing team. Only the player controlling the ball can determine this.

If the active goalie crosses midfield AND makes a play on the ball he will be required to use both Ring of Warding and Sanctuary (if they are not already on recharge) and then return to his side of the field, another goalie may not take his place until the next goal is scored.

Game Times:

EVERY SATURDAY @ 5pm Eastern Time

Asura ball can be played at any time if you have enough to scrimmage but our official tourney time will be on the weekends. Every person that has tried this out with us has fallen in love with it!! Give it a shot this week!

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ToA Asura Ball Game
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