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 Power Trade Starting Point

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How do you play without Shadow Form?
How do you play without Shadow Form?

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PostSubject: Power Trade Starting Point   Mon Jul 29, 2013 11:47 pm

I have compiled a rudimentary, super-basic list of items for you all!  This is a list of items for you to start power trading with.  

Disclaimer:  You may lose money.  You may not make as much money as you want to make.  Item prices WILL fluctuate.  Some items WILL become worthless.  Not all items may sell.  The entire guild has access to this list and therefore you will not be the only person power trading the exact same items if you use this list, so you WILL be undercut by other people, not necessarily even ToA members.  I am not responsible for loss, mutilation, psychological distress, episodes of crying in the shower, bankruptcy, death, or any other injury real or imagined as a result of the use of this list.

Allright.  That said, here's the INFORMATION YOU NEED:

Go to http://www.gw2spidy.com
Click Watchlist
login ToAEasyList
password helpineedanadult

Arrange the items by "Margin"
Copy+paste item names into the trading post.

MY STRATEGY: "Flipping"

Flipping is the safest way to make money when you do not have much of it to start with.

Buy items at CUSTOM OFFER PRICE.  Make your offer equal to the highest bidder + 1 copper.  
Generally, do not buy more than 5 of any given item.  You'll be overcut before your entire buy order fills almost every time.
Buy MANY DIFFERENT ITEMS of DIFFERENT TYPES.  This means do not buy only dyes, only runes, or only weapons.  Buy something of everything.
Having many different items on order increases your chances of an order filling.
After 3 hours or more, delist all your buy orders and relist them, because the prices will have fluctuated.

Sell items at the lowest seller price - 1 copper.  That's MINUS ONE COPPER.  This is called "undercutting" and puts your items first on the buy list.
If an item does not sell for 2 days, relist it.
Do not relist an item repeatedly; it costs 5% of what you are listing the item for in order to list it.  YOU DO NOT GET THIS GOLD BACK.
If you have relisted an item more than twice, just leave it alone until it either sells or you're willing to accept a loss on the item.

The difference between true "power trading" and "flipping" is that when you power trade, you buy out a large amount of the item so you control the supply of that item within a reasonable price range.  To power trade, you must already have a large amount of gold, or be working with really cheap items.  Power trading is riskier than flipping because you are buying items out at player prices; this price was generally reached because of the relative supply, demand, and perceived actual value of the item, so when you power trade, you are creating an artificial margin that will invariably close quickly.

Please do not remove items from the watchlist.  If an item loses its margin, that does not mean  it will not regain it later.
Feel free to add items to the watchlist.
If you want a list of your own, go ahead and make your own account, it's free!

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Power Trade Starting Point
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