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 How to be good at the game.

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PostSubject: How to be good at the game.   Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:58 pm


This is a short guide detailing important strategies that will make your group more efficient as well as improve the integrity of your character by strengthening your skills. I will touch on gear, combos, healing/damage, stats, and field placement/movement. This is going to be far from a detailed guide but I am writing this in hopes that it will help you--the reader--find some of your weaknesses and provide a way to strengthen them.


Gear is one of the most important factors in making your character as effecient as possible. When people ask me or anyone what armor they should get for a class they will usually recieve the answer "how do you want to run that class?" I hate that question but it is vital. Usually when I ask that question people do not know.

So to start thinking about gear you need to first think about how your character will be traited. For example: if you have a guardian that is traited 30/30/10/0/0 you are obvisouly going for offense. Now with this offensive guardian you have to ask yourself do you want it to be more balanced and allow some room for toughness and vitality or do you want full glass cannon? The answer to that question will determine what gear you will run. For glass cannon something like zerkers armor, or for balances something like Soldiers or Knights.

By the time I have hit 60 on any character I have researched my traitlines to determine the answers to those questions. That is the major key. KNOW YOUR TRIATLINES! You need to know what each inherent triat does and what each selected trait does. The easiest way to do this is to simply apply the trait and activate its effects. Then once you do that you'll notice its applications more and more and will be able to determine if you want that trait or not. Once your traitlines are finished and you are level 80 then purchase armor that will strengthen the area that YOU want strengthened. DO NOT buy Soldiers or any armor you are familiar with just because it worked on another class. Only buy armor that will benefit you (and the same can be said of runes).

Combos, Healing, and Damage

This is where some 'advanced' tactics come into play. Your character is geared out and you know how you want to run it. Now the question is does your play style fit into a group setting. One of the most useful advanced tactics is using combo fields at the right time to provide your team with the right support/damage ratio (this ratio is really important but that comes later!).

Combos are a very important tool available to any group. Using them properly will increase the party's ability to squash all the things! I won't go over the details of each field but I will go over how to use them. For detailed information on combos use this link: http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Combo

When you are in a group the first thing you should look at is group composition. Do you have a staff ele? Do you have a hammer guardian? (I will be using these two classes as examples.) Firstly if you are the player with the combo fields you need to know which to use given the situation. Here is a simple breakdown:

Party is in onslaught mode: Use Fire fields
Party is taking all the damage: Use water fields.

Now that seems simple but the effectiveness of those fields isn't all on you or your stats. Any player with a blast finisher makes the fields more effective.

As a guardian with a hammer you can use a blast finisher in the fire field to give might to all your allies. Or you can blast finish in water to heal party members in the area. Two hammer guardians and an ele can heal the entire party to almost full health if these combos are timed correctly (Using TS to call fields at CRITICAL times makes you a good player btw).

Now that you can understand how the combos can work for your party, you need to understand how YOU can work for your party. This brings us to damage and healing.

Every player must bring damage to a party. If you are full support and only doing 300-500 damage on a normal attack then you are doing it wrong (that doesn't take into account condition damage btw). Granted not all professions are DPS profesions. Guardians for example don't bring massive damage to the table but they DO bring boons which boost party damage output. The key here is to play your profession correctly. A supportive ele is about as good as a guardian that wants to be a warrior--useless. Don't reduse the DPS a party has because you think the healing is important. No class is a healing class, instead classes provide opportunties for healing. An ele can put a water field down and a guardian can combo off of it. The field itself is a terrible heal, but when used as a combo its super strong. This type of thinking will not compromise the integrety of a group. Thinking about support class vs damage class will.


Figuring out what stats you are going to run is very important and takes some time. In general you want to play a profession the way it was intended. For example a Condition guardian that focuses on fire is a terrible idea just as a necro that focuses on burst damage is terrible. Each class has specific attributes that can increase the efficiency of your character--USE THEM!

Your stats should reflect the ability of your profession. A guardian for example shouldnt have 40% crit chance and 80% crit damage and be sitting at 2700 armor. You are in the frontline. Play a frontline role. My guardian has 45% crit chance (without food) and 80% crit damage and I have 31k armor. My damage output on my hammer guardian is higher than most with a greatsword and I have higher toughness. Why? because I have used my traits, armor and trinkets in a way that allows me to be as effective as possible. You should do the same on your character. Know your role (backline, mid, front) and play it.

Field Placement and Movement

Once you have put all of these together you are starting to develop a very strong character. Now comes for the actual application. Since this game does not have a deticated healing class, damage mitigation is the primary protection. Gee Dubs 2 provides us with one awesome action that allows us to mitigate damage--rolling. A dodge roll used at the right time can be life or death for you. Practice using it. The main objective is to not dodge every attack but instead dodge primary foe attacks. For example: if you are fighting a harpy you dont want to dodge its normal ranged attack, instead dodge its attack that has a rapid rate of fire. Being able to dodge the high damage causing skills means you are good at the game (mostly).

Now if you are fighting a troll and you are a light class should you dodge its ground stomp? The answer is very simple--NO. The reason you shouldn't be dodging it is because you should be far from it if you are ranged. With very few exceptions a player should be close to their weapons range away from the enemy. This is not allways possible but you can always run and make it possible unless aggro is on you. To break aggro in a fight just run up to the heavier classes and let them deal with it--its their job.


If you take anything away from this it should be that playing your profession to its fullest capabilities should always be your formost goal.

Always bring damage to the table.

Support is not as effective as synergy (combos).

Gear should always reflect the role of your character.

The role of your character should be within the confines of that professions abilities.

Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and Dodge.


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How to be good at the game.
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