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True Noob
True Noob

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PostSubject: JAVIER   Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:05 pm

1.) Please tell us your Account name.####, your age, Global Location/Time Zone

Eastern time

2.) Please list the your characters' names, class, and levels.

Aida Cecilia:level 80 Elementalist
Cecilia Maravilla: Level 80 Guardian
4 more character which are below level 20 mesmer,necro,Ranger,warrior

3.) What server are you currently on? if not on Dragonbrand do you intend on changing?

4.) What MMO games have you played in the past? Do you still play them?
Guild wars 1 which i played time to time.

5.) Please rate each of the following aspects of Guild Wars 2 in order of importance to you. (1=Lowest, 5=Highest)

a. Story/Lore=2
b. Exploration/Cartography=2
c. Extracurricular Activities such as crafting, (power) trading, chatting=4
d. General casual play=4
e. High Level or Challenging areas (most likely with a group, ie: end game content and dungeons) =5
f. PvP or WvWvW=5

6.) Please explain why you would like to join ToA.
The main reason why i want to join Toa, is because I like playing with ppl and friends. I like doing things with a guild.

7.) How did you hear about ToA? Do you know anyone in ToA? Please list their name(s).
I was in Toa in Gw1

8.) Do you have Teamspeak and a headset with microphone?
yes, I have teamspeak and microphone

9.) How often do you play Guild Wars 2? Hours per day? Days per week?

3-4 hours day. I'm mostly on at night time

10.) Did you play Guild Wars 1? (If Yes, please tell us your character names and what guilds you were in.)
Aida cecilia, Revol iedas,

11.) Please tell us what is most important to you in a guild. Be specific.
The Most important thing to me in a guild is to do activities, dungeon or do anything with a guild that fun or stupid but funny. Always try to get to know and play with other guild member and helping guild member. what the point of been a guild if you always play with same the ppl and never try to know other ppl in the guild.

12.) Any additional comments you would like to add.
Frosty, sorry but honestly idk what i did your friend. i last i remember your mad at me but i dont troll ppl or anything to ppl that would make them mad. Honestly if i did something i apologize Crying or Very sad
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Jungle Troll
Jungle Troll

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PostSubject: Re: JAVIER   Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:14 pm

Based on the application alone this warrants a trial run.

If there are issues with Frosty that's another thing.

Probably the best course of action is hearing from Frosty on this.

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PostSubject: Re: JAVIER   Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:27 pm

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Needs To Get Off The Forum
Needs To Get Off The Forum

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PostSubject: Re: JAVIER   Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:57 pm

First, I have screens from multiple people with an account with characters suspiciously close to yours personally attacking my members from GW1 and trolling the shit out of them for no reason. I find it incredibly difficult to believe that someone who is not you copied all of your character names with only one letter off to do this.

Second, you are incredibly invasive. My personal life is not available because you demand it. You started demanding my facebook and email within the first few days of meeting me. As a female gamer, I've been more open than I should be with most people and those days are over because of people like you. My life outside of the game is mine.

I am closing this application. /denied and you are not welcome to apply here in the future.


Your friendly Legion Of Doom [LOD] liaison <3
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PostSubject: Re: JAVIER   

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