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 Misty's app

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Mistress Misty
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PostSubject: Misty's app   Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:34 pm

1.) Please tell us your Account name.####, Age, Global Location/Time Zone
Mist Y.5214

2.) Please list the your characters' names, their levels and professions.
Mist Ylojykala - 80 - warrior
Mist Ygryjyuza - 80 - guardian
Mist Yxæntryka - 80 - engineer
Mist Ynvyzybla - 80 - thief
Mist Yklæktyka - 80 - ranger
Mist Yzotæryka - 80 - necromancer
Mist Yfæmærala - 80 - mesmer
Mist Ythyryala - 80 - elementalist

3.) What MMO games have you played in the past? Do you still play them?
Guild Wars 1 - I play very rarely, maybe an hour a week on average
Aion - not really played it much and I almost never play now

4.) Please rate each of the following aspects of Guild Wars 2 in order of importance to you. (1=Lowest, 5=Highest)
a. Story/Lore 2
b. Exploration/Cartography 4
c. Extracurricular Activities such as crafting, (power) trading, chatting 4
d. General casual play 4
e. High Level or Challenging areas (most likely with a group, ie: end game content and dungeons) 5
f. PvP or WvWvW 4

5.) Please explain why you would like to join ToA.
I have a long relationship with ToA and many of its members; I was a member off and on in GW1 and have always had a positive opinion of ToA.

6.) How did you hear about ToA? Do you know anyone in ToA? Please list their name(s).
We were in an alliance together over a year ago... I know a bunch of people who were in ToA in GW1 - too many to name!

7.) Do you have Teamspeak and a headset with microphone?
I do!

8.) How often do you play Guild Wars 2? Hours per day? Days per week?
~13 hours per day, every day

9.) Did you play Guild Wars 1? (If Yes, please tell us your character names and what guilds you were in.)
All my chars were ____ Of The Misty or Misty ____
I was in ToA, LOD大, DL, Zraw, ToYs, NP, ToA... and some lesser known guilds

10.) Please tell us what is most important to you in a guild. Be specific.
Members being able to express themselves whilst showing respect for one another is most important.

11.) Any additional comments you would like to add.
I am actually already in ToA as an alliance member; this app is to upgrade to full member and because I have a sinister addiction to filling in forms.
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PostSubject: Re: Misty's app   Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:22 pm


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Misty's app
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