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 Guardian catch all, the 555 build

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True Noob
True Noob

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PostSubject: Guardian catch all, the 555 build   Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:03 pm

Hello new to board and guild, sharing my build. I use this in pretty much every where. Works with any primary toughness stat armor with precision.

Calling this the 5, 5, 5 build
Mace & focus / Greatsword
20 Radiance Blind Exposure / Shimmering Defense (or whatever you feel like little bearing overall)
30 Valor Meditation Mastery / Retributive Armor / Monks Focus
20 Virtues Vengeful / Absolute Resolution

5 blocks, 5 cleanse, and 5 heals.
Pretty much always use the mace side of things, put down symbol if high damage is coming in that way you and buddies get regen. Let your number 1 skill runs its course to get the big dmg and heal. Use Protectors Stike on cool down to pump out and prevent damage. Use Ray of Judgement for the same reason you use the symbol, stops dmg by blinding targets and gives regen to buddies. Use number Shield of Wrath and switch to greatsword to pump out damage while getting 3 blocks. Spam f1 on cool down, will blind enemies, apply a vulnerability and give 3 stacks of might as well as retribution from our bottom tree. If getting conditioned use smite condition to purge and get some more dmg out with a heal thanks to our toughness tree. If getting super conditioned use Virture of Resolve for 3 condition purge (absolute resolution perk) plus heal and regen. If really really getting hammered with conditions turn them all into boons with your contemplation of purity skill. If these are on cool down pop your elite for a reset. I use this build in PVE and PVP and can usually tank entire rooms or 4-5 enemy players. Damage is good as well. I run Knights gear which gives alot of toughness and with the 5% to precision perk I have 50% crit. Twilight arbor gear is good as well with runes of the undead and a rune of the earth in your great sword.Runes for mace and focus are up to you, I think I'm going to put some stack runes in there. For more cleanse goodness drop your symbol with sword and twirl for condition removal, or 5 does cleansing bolts for allies. Should almost always have stacks of might and retribution on yourself. I'm open to comments and suggestions.

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Jungle Troll
Jungle Troll

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PostSubject: Re: Guardian catch all, the 555 build   Fri Nov 02, 2012 3:52 am

I just want to take the time to ask you to clean this up. I'm not trying to hate on your build at all, it just seems a little unorganized.

I don't think you list your slot skills in this. I would recommend that you use a skill editor, it's a lot easier to visualize what you're talking about as someone is reading this.

Since this not everyone plays guardian, it would also be nice to understand why you made the choices you did for weapons, traits, and slot skills. This guide for a support guardian is a good idea of what I mean. He, of course, goes into way more detail than there should be here, but knowing why he chose certain slot skills, weapons, sigils/runes is helpful to the people who may just be starting to make a guardian and want to play this build.

I'm not trying to put your build down or anything, but formatting and some explanation will help people understand more about your build in the long run.

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Guardian catch all, the 555 build
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